Celebrating Success and Raising Awareness of FASD in Manitoba

U of A researchers harness the power of artificial intelligence to help families living with neurodevelopmental disabilities

And you can help to make it helpful to Manitoba families!

A national group of researchers, community folks and family members are working to develop a  Chatbot to help individuals living with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families access trusted, reliable resources.  A Chatbot uses artificial intelligence to answer people’s questions and direct them to resources available on the Web.  Some of those resources will  provide information about in-person services and how to access them.

MB FASD Resource Map

These researchers are looking for information on Manitoba resources, and would be happy to hear about any online information and websites that should be included in the Chatbot or any online resources or organizations that members of the FASD community have found to be NOT helpful; such information will not be made public but the resource may not be included in the Chatbot.

If you’d like to share your knowledge please send an email to Susan.Heald@umr.umanitoba.ca