We promote FASD research and knowledge mobilization within Manitoba. This may include but is not limited to identifying and informing evidence-informed practice interventions to promote dignity, dialogues, storytelling, community mobilization and engagement, creativity, equality, diversity, inclusion, supporting lived experience people, women and other groups, community-based participatory research, collaboration and networking, challenging stigma of individuals and communities affected by FASD, and promoting and valuing the voices of lived experience people in research.

Research may be in the areas of, but is not limited to, culture, policy, practice, education, biomedical, social, evaluation/comparative analysis of events, raising awareness, and development of new initiatives based on research in this area.

Our goal is to identify the philosophies and practices used in successful interventions so individuals, families, and communities impacted by FASD can engage and thrive.



Many efforts to prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) have perpetuated stigma, discrimination, and misunderstandings about FASD, having negative impacts on individuals and the communities. This research aims to identify and remove stigma and discrimination and explore approaches that promote dignity of children, adults, families, and communities impacted by FASD in Manitoba.



Are you working on FASD research in Manitoba? Do you have research updates and preliminary findings that you want to showcase to the communities?

We ask that all contributors review the Research Form and submit this form with your contribution to the FASD Research Committee at [email].


We learn together with communities, families, individuals, and organizations. Click on any of the icons below to learn about each research method and how to participate.


Community Café
Digital Storytelling
Elder Circle


This section contains resources that were created based on FASD research.

Beyond Disability

A collection of articles and posters that inspire a rethinking of FASD based on various voices and perspectives.

Mobilizing Communities

A collection of articles and posters on research that mobilize communities to explore ways to reduce stigma and promote dignity for people impacted by FASD.

Dignity Promotion

A collection of articles and posters that explore gaps in services, systemic barriers, stigma, and dignity promotion in FASD.

Education, Training, & Research

A collection of articles and posters on knowledge, skills, and tools in FASD research, education, and training to mobilize communities and promote dignity in FASD.


In 2021, the Looking After Each Other Project and the Manitoba FASD Coalition co-created a Research Committee to promote community-based FASD research at the MFCI, universities, and organizations across Manitoba.

Learn more here.

We strive to provide various forms of support for research, including but not limited to:

• Promoting research/evaluation and knowledge mobilization;
• Developing the guidelines of the MFCI Research Committee to support research and knowledge mobilization;
• Promoting research ethics and values that include equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI);
• Review and/or provide information to develop and maintain the MFCI webpage regarding;
research and knowledge mobilization;
• Networking and partnering with researchers, agencies, and communities in the promotion of FASD research and knowledge mobilization, nominating members/communities for dignity research awards;
• Promoting community and public accessibility to dignity research reports and knowledge dissemination by using plain language;
• When capacity exists, mentoring students, community researchers, and other MFCI members to submit research proposals, apply for grants, publications, and conference presentations;
• Serving as ‘peer review’ of proposals, publications, and grant applications.