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Looking for someone to talk to your group about FASD?

This Speaker’s Bureau was created to help Manitobans find local expert speakers on topics related to FASD. The speakers that you will find below all live in Manitoba and have experience giving talks, workshops and training related to a variety of topics that link to FASD. We hope that you find this a useful tool in connecting with a speaker that fits your needs.
There is a brief amount of information provided on this site for each speaker; if you are interested in learning more, or booking a speaker, please contact them directly. Please note that some speakers may require compensation for time, travel or other related costs; Manitoba FASD Coalition is not responsible for covering or regulating these costs.
The speakers on this site have applied to be listed here and have been vetted by Manitoba FASD Coalition. Manitoba FASD Coalition does not provide or receive financial compensation for this listing.
The views of the speakers may not be that of the Manitoba FASD Coalition.
This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of speakers available in Manitoba. 
We would like to hear from you, comments/suggestions can be emailed to coordinator@fasdcoalition.ca.
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Lia Braun

Lia Braun is a retired educator who now provides contract Educational Consultant Services, especially in the area of FASD. She has served as Provincial FASD Specialist for Metis CFS Authority, Clinical Supervisor for Cross Lake FN STAR FASD Mentor Program, Chair, MCAP Newsletter, and Coordinator, Norway House Fetal Alcohol Mentoring Project, and was Special Services Consultant in Frontier School Division for 17 years. She has also been a resource teacher, classroom teacher, and teacher-librarian. *Complete resume available on request.

Lia Braun
Sherisse Picklyk Dear

Sherisse Picklyk Dear is currently employed as a Community Liaison for the Selkirk and area My Health Team for the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority (IERHA).  Sherisse had previously held the position as the IERHA’s FASD Diagnostic Coordinator for ten years.  Sherisse brings a wealth of over 27 years of Social Service experiences as a Social Worker, clinician, counselor, direct service provider, consultant and advocate to both urban and rural communities including reserve communities across the Interlake.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Psychology from the University of Winnipeg and a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree from the University of Manitoba.  Sherisse is also a Registered Social Worker (RSW) in good standing within Manitoba and is the Chair of the Interlake FASD Coalition.  Sherisse has furthered her education via many conferences and workshops in the fields of FASD, addictions, mental health, trauma, attachment (COS), MI, and Theraplay level 1.

Sherisse has a keen passion to provide FASD consultation to Agencies and families and to create and facilitate educational presentations on FASD.  In keeping with the Canadian standards, Sherisse’s presentation can incorporate a variety of sub topics tailored to the audience such as Destigmatization (why people may drink during pregnancy), FASD 101, the referral process, the assessment process, the role of the FASD Diagnostic Coordinator, brain domains, strategies & adaptations for home/school and managing life transitions.

Sherisse Picklyk Dear
reesydear@gmail.com                Selkirk MB
Judi Heppner

Judy has worked for 2 decades in social services and health, including with families in which parents and/or children had FASD. She has delivered training about FASD to social service organizations, school personnel, university and high school students and foster parents.

Areas of speciality: Children with FASD; Characteristics of FASD; Strategies; Prevention

Judi Heppner
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Simon Laplante

Originally from Quebec, Simon has been living and working in Manitoba for the last 29 years as a teacher, a vice-principal (Ecole Stanley Knowles School for 7 years), a principal (Ecole St-Norbert Immersion School for 12 years) and in the last four years as the Assistant of the Seine River School Division. Simon is the adoptive father of a child with ARND since her birth in 1989. Starting in August 2014, Simon will be teaching that the Universite de St-Boniface in the Faculty of Education. In July 2013, Simon successfully defended his Master thesis on the impact the FASD children on their parents’ relationships in the context of the couple, with the school and the community. Simon has been very active in the last 10 years in speaking to schools and divisional staff about FASD and the need to differentiate our programs and expectations.

Simon Laplante
204-253-2447 or 204-290-8120 or 204-233-0210
slaplante@shaw.ca or slaplante@ustboniface.ca
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Carie McIntosh

From 2001 to 2013, Carie worked as a Children’s Special Services case manager assisting families with children with disabilities access resources, support, equipment and respite. Currently, Carie is the Disability Research Advocate for the Ospaswayak Health Authority, a position which involves investigating support models for people with disabilities on reserve.

Carie McIntosh
Opaskwayak Cree Nation, The Pas, Manitoba
New Directions FASD Family Support, Education and Counselling Program

The FASD Family Support program works with families and the community to support children and youth with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. The team consists of individuals from various professional and educational backgrounds, such as Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Sociology, Counselling and Therapy. Combined experience includes direct work with families, involvement with the educational and childcare system, mental health, addictions, trauma and attachment. The team’s experience ranges from 5-20 plus years in the field of FASD. Areas of workshop topics include: FASD Basics; Strategies (for home, school or daycare); Sensory Integration; and self regulation for children and youth with FASD. Please note: Ability to meet requests is based on the availability of program staff.

Anita Posaluko
204-582-8658, ext 1
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Shannon Foster

Shannon Foster is a registered social worker who has gained her experience working with children, youth and families over the last 10 years recognizing their strengths and empowering them to reach emotional, spiritual, and psychological well-being.  She works with individuals and their families/support networks to discover their needs and build on their strengths.  She believes that growth and healing is always possible and to always be curious and enjoy the gifts each individual and family has to give.

Shannon has experience in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders, generally Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, childhood development and the impacts of mental health, trauma and other hidden forms of disability on the developing brain. She has worked in FASD prevention and intervention programs, the child welfare system and within private practice. Shannon is considered one of the leading professionals in working directly with adolescents with FASD and has worked as a Manitoba Key Worker, an FASD support program, from the time of the program’s development and has multiple collaterals within the FASD field. Shannon implements more strength-based and empowerment theories into practical policy for community-based service programs and has enriched her experience by working for multiple Indigenous agencies and identifies as a Métis woman.

Shannon Foster                                 431-737-0145 sfoster@redrivernorthcts.com Interlake
Twyla Gilroy

Twyla is an FASD Diagnostic Coordinator with Prairie Mountain Health covering the Dauphin/Swan River region. She is passionate about raising awareness and providing education to community and service providers about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. She assists and supports families as they navigate the process of an FASD assessment in partnership with the Manitoba FASD Network. Additionally, Twyla has worked as a coordinator with the InSight mentoring program, which supports women using an evidenced-based FASD prevention model. She also brings with her a strong background in the field of addictions. Twyla is a Registered Social Worker.

Presentations can be tailored to the audience. They can include FASD 101, prevention, destigmatization, assessment and referral process, the areas of impairment (brain domains), strategies for home/school, and all ages including preschoolers, children, adolescents and adults.

Twyla Gilroy