Celebrating Success and Raising Awareness of FASD in Manitoba

Visions & Voices Speaker

Lisa Morrisseau

Lisa Morrisseau

Favorite Topic Areas: Parenting/Family, Heathcare System

“We all struggle, but we all struggle a little more or a little differently.”

Lisa was diagnosed with FASD at nineteen years of age. Lisa and her twin sister were adopted at four years of age. Early on, Lisa always felt ‘different’. School was especially challenging as she was often teased for being different from the other children. However, music has always been an area of interest and accomplishment for Lisa. She has completed Grade 8 level in piano and played first clarinet in her high school.

Today, as a mother of three children, Lisa has learned a lot about herself living with FASD. She notices that her children motivate her to face the challenges of parenting and living with FASD in a more mature way. Lisa has found that a stable living situation greatly reduces challenges of FASD, minimizing stress and increasing her ability to complete tasks, such as chopping firewood for her wood burning stove and coordinating the children to help with chores.