Celebrating Success and Raising Awareness of FASD in Manitoba

Dancing Our Way through the Week…

To most people, the intersection of Main and Brandt [in Steinbach, Manitoba] is just another high traffic corridor but for one up-and-coming dancer, it is centre stage.

Grunthal Resident Kane Frieze [an individual living with FASD] grew up in the North End of Winnipeg where he developed a passion for moving and grooving to the beat. Now, he stands on the street corner most weekdays showing off his dance moves to the motoring public.

“My philosophy is don’t take life too seriously,” he says, “always enjoy the small moments, and if things get gloomy, just know there is always a smile out there waiting for you.”

– Kane Frieze

Us too, Kane; us too!

As reported by SteinbachOnline.com

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