Celebrating Success and Raising Awareness of FASD in Manitoba

Are you a parent of a child or youth with a disability?

The Manitoba Advocate, Daphne Penrose, is inviting parents and guardians of children and youth with disabilities to participate in a new survey. Responses will be collected online until November 8 and will be used to inform policy recommendations made to government in the year ahead.  Since her mandate legally expanded to disability services in 2018, Penrose has heard several stories from families who are unsatisfied with both the quantity and quality of disability services available in Manitoba.

“For many children with disabilities, their parents and caregivers are their most active and vocal advocates and many have tried relentlessly and with much creativity to pull in services that will meet their child’s needs,” Penrose said. “I’m inviting all parents and caregivers to share their stories with me about what is working well and what must be changed so we can see systems improve and all children supported and flourishing.”

Our website also has additional information about the survey and our upcoming report:  https://manitobaadvocate.ca/manitoba-advocate-launches-survey-for-parents-and-caregivers-of-children-and-youth-with-disabilities/#more-35340

Please feel free to share this information widely. I’ve attached a poster to this email that can be shared with parents via email and on your social media accounts. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions and follow us on social media for updates:

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