Info Series – Jordan’s Principle

Join us Friday, April 20th for the final Info Series workshop of this year.

Without screening or supports, offenders with FASD face revolving door of justice.

Kelly Malone of CBC news posted an article on the justice system and how people with FASD are impacted.

Info Series – Stigma Baseline Survey, Preliminary Findings


Join us Friday, March 16th to hear about the preliminary results of the Stigma Baseline Survey conducted by NRG Research Group on behalf of the Healthy Child Manitoba Office.

Neurobehavioural Model Training

Learn to see and understand FASD differently.  Fascets Canada is offering three day workshops featuring Myles Himmelreich, Motivational Speaker, Mentor and FASD Consultant; and Nancy Hall, Lead Facilitator of the Neurobehavioural Model, Program Director and Founder of Fascets… Read More

Info Series – Social Thinking in Children with FASD


Current research highlights the difficulties that children with FASD have in understanding and using social cues that can influence their social interactions with others.

Rural Coalition Awareness Days

In 2017 the Manitoba FASD Coalition offered a grant program to all rural FASD Coalitions to assist them in promotion of FASD awareness in their communities. A total of eight applications were received and approved

Member News Bulletin

The Manitoba FASD Coalition hosts their first ever Annual General Meeting when they elected their first official Board of Directors!

Meeting Women Where They Are At: Community Making a Difference

Meeting Women Where They Are At: Community Making a Difference

Looking After Each Other: A dignity promotion project is a diverse group of Manitobans who have come together to talk about the relationship between stigma and FASD. Their vision is a province where people with FASD and women who have used alcohol during pregnancy are fully accepted and their dignity is protected. One way they are promoting dignity is the development of a series of mini documentaries.

March 24 Info Series

March 24, 2017 Info Series featuring  Dr. Hanlon-Dearman, Developmental Pediatrician at the Manitoba FASD Centre, will discuss changes and updates in the 2016 Diagnostic Guidelines for FASD. This is a FREE event sponsored by the Manitoba FASD Coalition… Read More

Visions & Voices Speaker

Russ Hilsher

“Supportive people who understand FASD help me make my life go in the right direction.” – Russ Hilsher