Info Series – Jordan’s Principle

Join us Friday, April 20th for the final info series workshop of this year, a panel discussion on Jordan’s Principle.  Visit the Info Series page of the Coalition website for full details.

Without screening or supports, offenders with FASD face revolving door of justice.

Kelly Malone of CBC News posted an article on the justice system and how people with FASD are impacted.


Russ Hilsher and Trevor Russell were both interviewed for the article, which you can read in full here.

Info Series – Stigma Baseline Survey, Preliminary Findings


Join us Friday, March 16th to hear about the preliminary findings of the Stigma Baseline Survey conducted by NRG Research Group on behalf of the Healthy Child Manitoba Office. A total of 1000 Manitobans from across the province were interviewed over the phone. The survey questions aimed to understand the stigma that exists around Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and alcohol use during pregnancy.

Topics covered in the survey include: alcohol use in Manitoba, causes of alcohol use during pregnancy, prevention of FASD, people with FASD, families impacted by FASD and racism.

Preliminary data on key questions will be shared at the Info Series. This session will be a mix of presentation, and large group discussion.

For more information and to register, please visit the Info series page of the Manitoba FASD Coalition website.

Neurobehavioural Model Training

Learn to see and understand FASD differently.  Fascets Canada is offering three day workshops featuring Myles Himmelreich, Motivational Speaker, Mentor and FASD Consultant; and Nancy Hall, Lead Facilitator of the Neurobehavioural Model, Program Director and Founder of Fascets Canada East.  For full details and information on booking a workshop, please see the poster.

This has been posted by the Manitoba FASD Coalition on behalf of Fascets Canada East.

Info Series – Social Thinking in Children with FASD


Join us Friday, February 23rd, 12 – 1 p.m. at the SSCY Centre or via Telehealth.

Current research highlights the difficulties that children with FASD have in understanding and using social cues that can influence their social interactions with others.

Carla Bonar, School Speech Language Therapist, will present the concept of social thinking and a program that can be used for developing this very important skill; Kirsten Auld Varey, FASD Support teacher, will lead a discussion on developing social skills and social thinking skills through the use of Lego.

This workshop will appeal to professionals who work with students with FASD – teachers, resource teachers, early childhood educators, OT’s, SLP’s, psychologists and therapists.

For registration information please visit the Info Series page,