Celebrating Success and Raising Awareness of FASD in Manitoba

Today is International FASD Awareness Day!!

Hope you have had some time to check out some of our events and there’s more to come!!!

Check out the calendar of all the events.

More information about each event can be found on the poster and on the MFCI Facebook page!

Celebrate #FASDmonth with us!

We are celebrating the month of September as #FASDmonth… come join us! Many of the regional coalitions are throwing AMAZING events online so all can join!

Check out the calendar of all the events.

More information about each event can be found on the poster and will be posted here!

Making #FASDMonth FUN!

As we head into September and #FASDMonth, the Winnipeg FASD Coalition welcomes you to join them in celebrating FASD awareness month and wellness. Complete the Bingo card activities (youth or adult) by September 30th and enter your name for some amazing prizes!!

Access the bingo cards here: ADULT or YOUTH. Bingo starts September 1st!!

Prizes will be drawn October 1st and include vouchers to the Assiniboine Park Zoo, a Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2019 Grey Cup championship replica ring and $100 gift card to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers store, spa treatments, gift cards, and more!

Entries can be forwarded to Emma Rafferty at e.rafferty@lifesjourneyinc.ca or 204-223-7422. She will require your name, email or phone number, and if you are a youth or adult entry.

Good luck and be well!



Today is day 34 of the #94in94 campaign.

Today is day 34 of the #94in94 campaign. MFCI has accepted the challenge to read and share a TRC Call to Action we are acting on.

In response to Call to Action #34, we continue to advocate government for expanded programs and more appropriate programs related to offenders with FASD and criminal justice involvement. We are excited about the current Manitoba pilot project which assesses young adults in the court system for FASD. Additionally, in 2019, Manitoba opened a sentencing court specifically for offenders with FASD- the first of its kind in Canada.

Nationally, this Call to Action is deemed “in progress” with projects proposed.

#34 We call upon the governments of Canada, the provinces, and territories to undertake reforms to the criminal justice system to better address the needs of offenders with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), including:

  1. Providing increased community resources and powers for courts to ensure that FASD is properly diagnosed, and that appropriate community supports are in place for those with FASD
  2. Enacting statutory exemptions from mandatory minimum sentences of imprisonment for offenders affected by FASD.
  3. Providing community, correctional, and parole resources to maximize the ability of people with FASD to live in the community.
  4. Adopting appropriate evaluation mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of such programs and ensure community safety.

To read the full report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission go to https://nctr.ca/records/reports/

For more information about the campaign go to https://reconciliationthunder.org/