Celebrating Success and Raising Awareness of FASD in Manitoba

Do you have FASD?

Interested in meeting with others with FASD?

Let us know if you want to join us and be a part of creating something amazing!

E-mail Shannon.Foster@umanitoba.ca if you would like the meeting information shared with you.

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The TOP 5 things you’ll be able to do on our brand new website

  1. Get to know MFCI and its members better
  2. Find out about events happening in Manitoba and our yearly information series
  3. Access speakers for your own events from across the province
  4. Find resources for your needs
  5. Keep up with current events and news in Manitoba

COMING SOON! MFCI is launching their new website!

Stay tuned for sneak peeks all week…

First Nations Colouring Book showcasing the First Nations perspective

The colouring book is a collection of art produced by Manitoba First Nations artists invited to create pieces from a First Nation’s perspective. 

 In partnership with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC), the Canadian Red Cross produced the First Nations Health and Wellness Colouring Book as part of a continuing conversation with First Nations to support health and wellness. For the full release CLICK HERE.

Free digital copies are available on the Canadian Red Cross website at redcross.ca/firstnationscolouringbook.