Celebrating Success and Raising Awareness of FASD in Manitoba

Research Opportunity!

The Looking After Each Other: A Dignity Promotion Research Project for FASD is looking for participants for virtual interviews on Zoom. They estimate that this interview would take between 60 to 90 minutes of your time, and you will receive a 25 dollars gift card as an honorarium for participating in this study. 

This research has been approved by the Joint-Faculty Research Ethics Board (JFREB) at the University of Manitoba. If you choose to participate in this study, the information you provide will be kept confidential. If you choose not to participate (or withdraw from the study later on) for any reason, please know that there will be no repercussions. If you would like more information about the study, please find attached a poster that advertises the research project and its facilitators. 

Looking After Each Other Project logo

Please read the poster and if you have further questions or if you are interested in participating in this study, please, you can contact myself or Dr. Kathryn Levine (Kathryn.Levine@umanitoba.ca). It would be helpful if you distributed this poster among your clients and colleagues.  

Let’s Celebrate #FASDmonth! Visions and Voices presents Conversations on FASD

For the 2021 #FASDmonth celebrations Visions and Voices developed and are proud to present Conversations on FASD. Please take a few moments to enjoy Jessica Siddle’s message and conversation around FASD!

FREE VIRTUAL WEBINAR FASD: A Whole Body Diagnosis on September 27th with Myles Himmelreich!

Let’s celebrate #FASDmonth! Join Surrey Place (Ontario) for their FREE VIRTUAL WEBINAR FASD: A Whole Body Diagnosis on September 27th with Myles Himmelreich!

Understanding that FASD is a whole-body diagnosis can dramatically improve an individual’s quality of life and life expectancy. Myles and a group of FASD experts will dive into the importance of physical body health. He will speak about his lived experience and the newest research findings showing the correlation of physical health impacts due to prenatal alcohol exposure.

Register here: www.surreyplace.ca/fasd-webinar-2021

September 9th is officially proclaimed as FASD Awareness Day in Manitoba

Looking After Each Other: Mini Documentaries

BY THE MINISTER OF FAMILIES, Rochelle Squires, September 9th in each year is proclaimed as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day

Today is International FASD Awareness Day!!

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