Italian student shares her experience at the 2018 Looking After Each Other Gathering

Clara Csilla Romano, a practicum student at Onashowewin Justice Circle, wrote a blog about the 2018 Looking After Each Other Annual Gathering. You can read the blog in full here.

Without screening or supports, offenders with FASD face revolving door of justice.

Kelly Malone of CBC News posted an article on the justice system and how people with FASD are impacted.


Russ Hilsher and Trevor Russell were both interviewed for the article, which you can read in full here.

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Russ Hilsher

Russ Hilsher

Favorite Topic Areas: Justice System, Parenting/Family, Addictions, Community Supports

“Supportive people who understand FASD help me make my life go in the right direction.”

Russ was informed of his FASD by his adopted mom between the age of seven and twelve years old. He was told that he would need to have a support system in order to face the many challenges of living with his disability. This has proven to be true for Russ. He has grown in his understanding of how is FASD impacts his life and is able to contribute his knowledge and expertise with the community.

BUT, living with FASD has not always been easy. Russ finds it a continuous challenge to overcome his substance abuse issues. At various times in Russ’ life these challenges have caused him to be in conflict with the law, and to end up in places that he doesn’t wish to be. As a proud father of two girls, Russ acknowledges the on-going importance of supportive people who understand FASD, and who help him move his life in the right direction. Sharing his story has been instrumental in providing him with purpose and meaning, and in providing hope to others living and working with FASD.