MCAP Gets a New Name

Over this past winter, during meetings of the Manitoba Coalition on Alcohol and Pregnancy (MCAP), discussions began about becoming an incorporated body. As work began on making this happen, a suggestion was made that it may be time to change our name as well. Over the course of a couple of meetings ideas for a new name were generated, and by December 2015 a new name was chosen: Manitoba FASD Coalition. Once the name was chosen, final incorporation processes were set in motion and this spring the group was officially granted incorporation status.

For now, regular activities of the group will remain the same-monthly meetings, information sessions, website, newsletter and special events. In addition, the new incorporated entity will carry out all the activities of the Coalition of Chairs including: spring gathering, networking opportunities and joint projects. This will make for even greater opportunities to share best practices.

One more change came in the form of a new rural co-chair. With the resignation of both the rural (Rodney Jones) and urban (Betty Wiebe Hosein) co-chairs, the Manitoba FASD Coalition welcomes Carie Mcintosh back to the role of rural co-chair. Carie held the position in 2008- 2009 and recently accepted the nomination to sit in the position again. The coalition welcomes Carie and at this time is seeking an urban co-chair to assist her.

Over the past 20+ years this group has gone through a few name changes and the people who sit at the table have changed throughout that time as well. However, as this hard-working group of Manitobans continues to prove time and time again, even when names and faces change the dedication to the field of FASD continues.