Lunch with Bev: Community Making a Difference – South Parkland FASD Coalition spotlight

On Friday September 7, the South Parkland FASD Coalition hosted “Lunch with Bev”. About 20 people attended this brown bag luncheon (participants brought their own lunch).  Participants included a mix of professional and community members.  It was held… Read More

Learning the Dance: Community Making a Difference (Video)

Looking After Each Other: A dignity promotion project is a diverse group of Manitobans who have come together to talk about the relationship between stigma and FASD. Their vision is a province where people with FASD and women who have used alcohol during pregnancy are fully accepted and their dignity is protected. One way they are promoting dignity is the development of a series of mini documentaries.

Italian student shares her experience at the 2018 Looking After Each Other Gathering

International FASD Awareness Walk

Italian student Clara Csilla Romano shares her experience at the 2018 Looking After Each Other Gathering.

Without screening or supports, offenders with FASD face revolving door of justice.

International FASD Awareness Walk

Kelly Malone of CBC news posted an article on the justice system and how people with FASD are impacted.